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Gardening Services

Laying and lawn for your garden

We can help you as a property owner, Associations and homeowners with everything from Care Planning to a brand new Garden facility.

We take care of and rebuild your garden in a completely professional manner. We can also help you find solutions and make new designs for your new and old garden. Is it a new house? Nothing is big or small for us. We offer fixed prices incl. all.
Here we give examples of what we do:

  •  Garden facility
  • Ground planning
  • Paving stone plant
  • Balcony building
  • Fence construction
  • Gardening
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree felling
  • Planting work
  • Hedge planting
  • Paving stone facility
  • Wall facility
  • Lawn mowing
  • Grass plant
  • Playground construction


Drainage for basement wall and house foundation

We can help you who are property owners, associations and homeowners with everything that applies to Moisture Damage, Insulation and Drainage.

creative and professionally performed work at fixed prices in Drainage, water, sewerage, moisture damage, excavation and planning. In order for us to be sure of giving the customer the highest quality, we only use materials of the highest quality ( Isodrän ) for each area. We also undertake assignments in difficult land areas and on small areas. For Drainage, we have everything from small to large machines.


Snow Removal

We can help  related to snow removal, salting and sanding!

We help housing associations and private individuals with snow removal at the best prices. Snow removal starts automatically after it has snowed to a level of about 3 cm in height. Customers can, if they wish, call us when they feel it is time to clear the snow or when there is a need for this. The same goes for sanding. If the snow should continue to fall, the snow clearing will start again and then some areas will be cleared of snow twice or more.

The right equipment and anti-skid:

We have procured different machines so that they have the competence to clear away snow regardless of the area description. Our machines can clear away snow on, for example, major motorways, walkways, city centers, courtyards, shopping areas, parking lots and even at petrol stations. When large machines do not reach certain places, then hand-shoveling applies. For example around bicycle racks, whip racks, smaller walkways, real estate gates and more.
Here we give examples of what we can reveal:

  • Ports
  • Walkways
  • Around properties
  • Stairs
  • Gas stations
  • Stores
  • Parking
  • Center
  • Schools

Work Porfolio

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Södra markservice

Södra markservice is a company that specializes in Gardening, Gardening, Ground Service, Drainage and Snow Removal. The company has been in operation and active since 2003. All our employees have received thorough training to make them more efficient and professional.

So as a customer, you can be sure that you get your work done in a professional way. The company has a few employees who usually work in shifts. During the high season (spring and summer) we become more.

Our customers are generally private, companies, community associations and municipalities. If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact us!